C27 received a completely new Courtyard Design with separate shaded and non-shaded outdoor living spaces. An olive tree separates our cozy designer fireplace from the dining table and the outdoor kitchen. Typical Sardinian granite-clad walls were used to create elevated flowerbeds and to surround the new outdoor living spaces. Although the granite itself is very rough, it’s just that design element creating a warm and protected atmosphere.

If you live right on the coast, it is very important to have a wind protected outside living area. In Sardinia this is even double true. Despite the magnificent sunshine, sometimes there are also periods with gusty winds. The Mistral, which some Sardinians respectfully nickname “una bestia brutta”, is responsible for most of the rugged rock formations in Sardinia. These interestingly shaped and washed out natural sculptures are actually created by the wind, not water.

In addition, in the evening all the humidity that has accumulated in the air over the sea during the day creeps up the coast to the mainland. Therefore, having a retreat in a sheltered yard is equally important as having a patio with great vistas. Our backyard is nestled in the hillside and the ideal place to cook, eat or just relax.

Throughout the entire house, all practical lights are beautifully designed, intelligently grouped and of course dimmable for selective feel-good light atmospheres and sensitive accents.


A lot of tender care and love went into the lighting concept. A balanced mixture of  warm indirect and direct lighting creates the right atmosphere where you need it. For example, filleting a fish or chopping herbs requires enough light to work with precision. But during and after dinner you want a soft, warm and cozy light atmosphere to enjoy inspiring conversations. That’s why all lamps inside and outside are not only selected for beautiful design, but also intelligently grouped and dimmable. This allows for a sensitive change of light and a selective accentuation in the evening in all rooms, inside and outside.

PJOELL DESIGN C27 Dramatic sunset orange blue


On our expansive journeys and for many years, we have been buying historic crafts that tell a story and embody interesting designs from different epochs. And if we do not immediately know what we are doing with them, we save them for future projects. Somehow, then, when designing a new habitat, these artifacts always find their perfect spot.

The antefixes on the left for example we found in Greece. They have floral and figurative ornaments and were used to terminate and “protect” tiled roofs of Roman, Etruscan and Greek temples and profiled buildings in the centuries before BCE.

Above the old outside sink of C27, they have finally found their new home. To make them stand out even more, we have painted the sink space in dark gray instead of white.

On the coastline and especially in Sardinia with the Mistral winds a sheltered courtyard is equally important as a splendid patio.


With an extensive outdoor lifestyle the Courtyard Design needs to provide a lot of outdoor storage space as well. One wants to have everything at hand, but nothing lying around. The necessary outdoor cabinets required were elegantly integrated in the walls surrounding the backyard and the sun lounging area. Now without effort you can store beach, sun and sports gear as well as the outside furniture cushions. No surprise, we designed the doors as push-to-open teak slat panels.

The interaction of refined detailing and different textures from a simple palette of materials creates a play of light and shadows across all seasons.


With hardly any clouds between May and September in Sardinia, everyone is longing for shade during the summer. No later than noon, you want to retreat to sun-protected and cool areas in and around the house. With the light sunroof in the outdoor kitchen and dining area, you can prepare and enjoy lunch in the shade. The new Courtyard Design provides just one of many different shaded areas that C27 offers.

The sunroof above the outside kitchen and dining area is especially designed according to the movement of the sun so you can enjoy outside lunch and cooking in shade.

The modern floating outdoor kitchen is just perfect for boisterous barbecues or opening a good bottle of wine.


The outside kitchen is custom made and floats above the ground allowing for easy cleaning of the deck. It features stainless Swiss-made Franke appliances, stain resistant volcanic Basaltina countertops and cabinets with signature push to open teak slat doors. Furthermore it integrates a heavy duty stainless Napoleon Barbecue with self-cleaning pyrolysis technique that is directly connected to the gas line serving the house.

Our outside shower is a real highlight of C27. Starting the morning in this outdoor shower is the first premium of the day.


The outdoor shower became a real highlight of C27. The teak slat panels that frame the outdoor shower allow for an interesting play of light throughout the day and create the necessary privacy. Elegant and minimalist Italian designer shower fittings stand out against the rough granite-clad walls. A large showerhead and all time pleasant water pressure throughout the house round off the experience thanks to our large freshwater buffer tanks in the basement.