A special highlight in C27’s interior design concept is the unique design cushion edition especially created for this project. It features vivid colors and bold designs out of original and strictly limited fabrics mostly from the 70s. These cushions capture the joyful spirit of the carefree summer lifestyle in Sardinia. Of course, they are also the perfect style statement to take back home.


Our basic color scheme is rather muted and consists of pastel tertiary tones, rose and grey in combination with warm brown of Iroko teak wood. At the same time we like vivid colors that perfectly fit the International Style. And good looks need contrast!

Hence, we decided to use cushions as bright color splashes. Not just a few design cushions here and there, but many of them and in strong, saturated colors as a design element.


If you want to use strong color accents as a design element, the first question is which color tone you would actually like to contrast with. For us this question was answered quickly when simply looking around.

In Sardinia and especially close to the water nothing can compete with the stunning emerald blue shades of the sea and the sky.

That is why, unlike in many other coastal homes, we have largely renounced blue in our color scheme for the house. Instead for color accents we started looking for what beautifully contrasts with the pristine blues of the sea and the skies.

Unlike in many coastal houses, we have largely renounced blue tones for accents in our color scheme. Instead we contrast the teal of the sea with bold colors like orange.


The strongest contrast arises in the combination of complementary colors. The complementary color to the ubiquitous teal of the sea is orange. Thus, orange became the predominant, yet not the only tone for the intended color contrasts of our design cushions. All tones in the orange family such as peach, corals, tangerines, grapefruits, pumpkin or tea rose provide great contrast. Even tomato, yellow and warm greens work well.

Our signature PJOELL DESIGN cushions with their luxurious materials, bold looks and stylish hues are the perfect solution to give any modern home a fresh and timeless touch.


The design cushions for C27 had to be unique and of very high and luxurious quality. We went in search in different directions, but quickly discovered that the patterns and fabric qualities we envisioned were nowhere to be found. It seems the special quality and bold patterns we envision are simply not produced nowadays.

Our research eventually led us to samples of special vintage fabrics that exactly met our criteria. However, finding these fabrics is a considerable effort. It’s not our nature to give up easy. So, with the time we accumulated an impressive collection of beautiful fabrics in the right quality and quantity and finally created the signature cushions for C27. The result is a variety of cushions that are outstanding, unique and represent an original lifestyle.

The signature PJOELL DESIGN cushions made for C27 as well as many other designs and colors are available as limited editions in our shop.

The feedback on the special look, feel and touch was so overwhelming, that we created the PJOELL DESIGN cushion line and now make them available to others.

Built in seating in living room with brown seat cushions decorated with colorful Pjoell design cushions.