C27 is a one-of-a-kind PJOELL DESIGN 3-bedroom villa nestled in a pinnacle location 50 meters above the impossibly clear Mediterranean Sea of Northern Sardinia. It is part of a residential park with its own private beaches founded in the 60s and 70s with the visionary concept of sustainable and organic building harmoniously blending into the wonderful surrounding environment, in total respect for nature. Set in a perfect spot with fantastic views over white beaches that line up towards the southern tip of Corsica, the house itself needed a new exterior and interior design as well as a thorough renovation with lots of technical upgrades .

Originally designed in 1975 by celebrated engineer and architect Carlo Emanuele Tiscornia, PJOELL DESIGN completely remodeled C27 together with the Sardinian architect duo Valter Satta & Marco Zacheddu. PJOELL DESIGN also created a matching interior and exterior design concept to breath new air into an old gem. In a thematically structured tour through different design areas of C27 we present the result of our collaboration and also explain what we did and why.

The result of the remodel is a style that differentiates C27 from other houses in the area. This PJOELL DESIGN residence answers to modern design and lifestyle needs with a genuine touch of luxury. Of course, all changes had to respect nature and be sustainable. In addition to C27 serving as a summer residence inspiration and excellent eye candy, you can hire PJOELL DESIGN as house and interior designers for your own project or access the PJOELL DESIGN WORLD through our Design Shop.

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C27 is the name of a coastal summerhouse in a perfect location 50 meters above the emerald Mediterranean Sea in Northern Sardinia. PJOELL DESIGN redefined and remodeled C27 from the core. Fueled by a great and ambitious vision, PJOELL DESIGN has created an exterior and interior design concept that stands out with a striking look and feel. The remodel became even more challenging by adding strict budget restrictions and a short time frame of only 6 months to finish.

House and interior design as part of the renovation of an old house right on the Mediterranean Sea in Sardinia presents one of unexpected tasks. The Mediterranean climate changes the way of life sustainably. The outdoor areas become more important because one spends more time there. And, outside you need protection from sunlight. As a result, quite different demands are placed on the design of the inside and outside living spaces.

The range of materials for the exterior and interior design has to be simple, extremely strong and durable, as such a house is not only exposed to harsh weather conditions and the corrosion effects of salt, but must also survive one or the other exuberant party as well as sun tan lotion on the floor or sand carried in from the beach.

Any wooden elements must withstand sun and salt, allfittings have to be made of copper or V4A steel and a red wine glass rim or fat splashes should not affect floors and surfaces in kitchens or bathrooms or anywhere.

The patio facing the sea needs a structure that celebrates the spectacular views while allowing for several activities such as lounging in comfortably upholstered teak sofas or dining with friends over a large dining table or taking a dip in the sun or shade on comfortable designer sunbeds. Space structure and the separation of these areas creates size and the feeling of more freedom for everybody.

Just as important as the front Patio is the design of the courtyard facing away from the sea, which offers protection against wind and weather as well as celebrating a completely different cosiness. Also, the courtyard needs clear design and structure. It includes a cozy fireplace with sitting area to read a good book or enjoy the moment with friends, a functional and interesting designed outdoor kitchen and another dining table in the shade.

Modern color concepts with complementary colors to the omnipresent blue of sea and sky create a pleasant and interesting contrast full of zest for life. PJOELL DESIGN Cushions in bold colors and patterns add exactly the necessary color accents, create a luxurious yet modern atmosphere and complete the experience of a modern Mediterranean lifestyle.


We expanded the structure of this Mediterranean rustic-style summerhouse with Distinctive Design elements. The key is to combine a selection of simple materials in such a way that the house receives a strong individual character. Apart from a great look and feel the materials have to be particularly durable as the house is so close to the sea. The art is to keep it clear and simple.
With only a few structural design elements we created a new visual order in luxurious atmosphere. Special shutters made of teak slats became the new eye lids of C27. Vertical slat design from sustainable teak is an important element for C27 that runs as a leitmotif through all the spaces inside out. Iroko teak is a sustainable wood coming from plantations in Africa. It’s the perfect wood for being close to the sea and with a bit of sandpaper and wax it will look like new for the rest of your life and beyond.
A striking new flooring in large-format slabs changed the look round. The new floor in modern porcelain stoneware runs throughout all interior and exterior spaces, lifting every boundary between them. This creates a luxurious atmosphere and supports the open floor plan. Modern tiles took a major leap in design and available surface structures. But most importantly they are harder than concrete and absolutely resistant against salt, grease, acids or sand, which makes them the perfect material for  our needs.



For C27 PJOELL DESIGN created a Unique Cushion Design out of vintage fabrics.

Our basic color scheme consists of pastel earth tones, rose and grey in combination with warm brown of planted teak wood. At the same time we like vivid colors that perfectly fit the International Style. And good looks need contrast!
Hence, we decided to use cushions as vivid color splashes. Not just a few cushions here and there, but many cushions and in vivid colors as a design element. For powerful color accents we started looking for what beautifully contrasts with the pristine blues of the sea and the skies.
The complementary color to the ubiquitous teal of the sea is orange. Thus, orange became the predominant, yet not the only tone for the intended color contrasts. Other tones such as yellow and greens work as well.
We started searching vintage fabrics with those vivid colors and also bold patterns. And started producing a strictly limited edition of design cushions for C27 under our own label.
Our signature PJOELL DESIGN cushions with their luxurious materials, bold looks and stylish hues are the perfect solution to give any modern home a fresh and timeless touch.
The signature PJOELL DESIGN cushions made for C27 as well as many other designs and colors are available as limited editions in our shop.


The PJOELL DESIGN created a new Patio Design by giving it a clear structure to enjoy the splendid sea views.

In the new Courtyard Design, typical Sardinian granite-clad walls frame the entire area and create a sense of cosiness. At the same time, raised plant beds separate shady and non-shady outdoor areas and create spatial depth.

Now you’ve got it all: You can choose from either one of two outdoor dining solutions. The outside kitchen with a stainless Napoleon Barbecue turned into a designer masterpiece. Designer sun-loungers await you in shaded as well as sunny tan areas to stretch out. And why not getting away from it all and relax in a secluded hammock? Or enjoy a good book in front of our cozy designer fireplace? The outside shower is the first premium experience of the day.


The Interior Design establishes an open floor plan allowing for ocean views from almost every spot and also the air to constantly circulate through every room. It features a custom made open kitchen with quartz caesarstone countertops and an oversized french-door side-by-side fridge. The new and clever structure with International Style furniture and a cosmopolitan feel makes the rather small area look very spacious now. International art underlines the cosmopolitan feeling.

The rearranged living room is the new hub for all areas of living. The two separate sleeping tracts with the 3 bedrooms, the courtyard, the patio, an indoor dining space for ten and of course the open kitchen.



The new Bed and Bathroom Design is simple, clear and elegant. Like in an unobtrusive design hotel all colors, materials and textures are chosen and arranged for perfect balance. Designer lamps by flos on dimmers create perfect light atmospheres.
Dimmers and power outlets are invisibly integrated in the bedside tables and in the desk, which is really cool. Unlike most hotel rooms, this solution also offers enough sockets where you really need them and suddenly all cables vanish. Even in the bunk beds the kids will find save sockets to charge their mobile devices overnight. And last but not least, all wardrobes are lit inside.
All furniture elements have matte surfaces, perfect clearance and proportions. Fixed furniture such as desks, bedside tables and vanity units are custom made and float. Not only does that look cool; it also eases the cleaning process tremendously. The originally small bathrooms needed clever design solutions to answer modern wellness needs.