The interplay of wood with different textures is key in our bed & bath solutions. Teak slats panels behind the beds create a graphic and luxurious look. And it fits perfectly with the white sliding doors of the built-in wardrobes. Original and newly upholstered cocktail chairs from the swinging sixties and Flos designer lamps complete an unobtrusive, yet sophisticated design.

The bed is where you spend most of your time in life. And of course, a perfect night’s sleep requires a truly wonderful bed.

PJOELL DESIGN C27 Bedroom bed with teak slat panel backslash with floating side table linen bedding and PJOELL DESIGN cushion Knut 40x60cm and Ulrich 40x60cm


Our beds are truly wonderful and come with linen sheets that cool in the summer and warm in winter. With an extra thick, down-padded topper you feel like you are lying in a cloud. Super high quality latex mattresses from Germany round up the experience.


All furniture elements have matte surfaces, perfect clearance and proportions. Fixed furniture in the bed & bath design such as desks, bedside tables and vanity units float. Not only does that look cool; it also eases the cleaning process in the bed bath complex tremendously.

Like in an unobtrusive design hotel all colors, materials and textures in the bed & bath tracts are chosen and arranged for perfect balance.


Dimmers and power outlets are invisibly integrated in the bed & bath custom furniture design such as the bedside tables, in the desks, the closets and the vanities, which is really cool. Unlike most hotel rooms, this smart solution also offers enough sockets where you really need them and suddenly all cables vanish. And last but not least, all wardrobes are lit inside.

In every corner of the house you can feel the special love of quality down to the smallest detail.


When entering the bathrooms, you directly face the vanities with the mirrors above. The entrances to the walk-in showers are on the left side. The trapezoidal shaped vanities enlarge the entrance as they taper towards the shower. The showers are illuminated inside and of course ventilated, so that the mirrors and walls do not fog up. All bathrooms are equipped with double, heated towel rails that are on display for skilful and timeless design in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The intelligent trapezoidal vanities visually enhance access to the walk-in showers and are equipped with enough power outlets to keep the surfaces clear of electrical appliances.


The range of materials remains consistent: Italian porcelain stoneware cladding on the walls. Horizontal Listelli stripes create variety in the structure. The vanity tops are made of the same, super-thin, gray-veined quartz material as the kitchen surfaces. Modern sinks rest on the vanities and are perfectly aligned with minimalist fixtures. Simply enjoy!