Teak dining table and chairs on patio with Ocean view

A long table made from old and recycled teak wood seats 12 people and is naturally shaded by the trees all afternoon.

Early morning ocean view from patio with teak diningtable and chairs

Sunrise early in the morning. The front terrace is orientated to the north so that in Summer you can witness both, sunrise and sunset, every day.

A life in a house on the coast gives the outdoor areas a special meaning, because you just want to enjoy life outdoors. Thus, the coastal patio design and the whole design of the exterior space is almost more important than the interior design. You want to enjoy the views, cook and eat outside, lounge or just snooze off. And one needs lots of shade! In order to enable all these things, exterior spaces need an interesting and exciting structure that enables all this while allowing people with their different interests to enjoy carefree Mediterranean lifestyle.


The location of C27 is simply unique. Nestled into the hillside, the house offers spectacular views over the Mediterranean Sea. Small peninsulas with white beaches line up like a string of pearls towards Capo Testa and the Boca di Bonifacio.

On the opposite side, the coast of Corsica radiates with the famous limestone cliffs of Bonifacio. And right at your feet lies a picturesque bay with Caribbean blue waters and a small natural harbor to keep your bay cruiser if you wish. The front patio extends around three sides of the house and is, of course, the biggest asset of C27.

PJOELL DESIGN C27 Patio Teak slat panels reflections Mediterranean sea

In- and outdoor living spaces celebrate the sensory experience of Mediterranean lifestyle through the play of material selection, alignment, and views.

The combination of the Mediterranean Macchia and positioning of C27 into the hillside ensures that the entire outdoor area is protected from prying eyes. It is one of the few properties where carefully trimmed trees protect the sundeck and add another level of privacy.

Location, location, location! During a remodel you can change the structure and design of a house, but you can’t change the location.


The house is surrounded by almost 250sqm of terraces: A large space to enjoy outdoor activities, but too large to leave unstructured. The new coastal patio design needed to add visual depth to create tension and pleasure for the human eye. In short the outdoor areas needed reorganization and design.

In a summerhouse you live with your family, but often other friends and family members come by. And of course, different people have different ideas about the day schedule and who wants to do what when. That’s why in a good coastal patio design common and central areas, where everyone can come together, are equally important as separated, more private zones, where one can follow his personal interests and ideas.

Therefore we created a clear, yet simple structure with interesting foregrounds and backgrounds that on one hand create a visual context to each other and at the same time allow for a spatial separation and somewhat privacy. The idea was to keep the patio as open as possible while creating many zones for different uses.

A coastal patio design with clearly defined teak furniture islands and carefully arranged flowerbeds separate the different areas and now give the outdoor living space the needed structure.


Our coastal patio design looks at additional outdoor areas not just as spaces. For us it’s really about creating rooms. Rooms for lounging, cooking and dining, relaxing, reading, playing or snoozing that integrate with the Mediterranean Sea and the Macchia to indulge coastal lifestyle to the fullest.

Such outdoor living rooms are created by luxurious outdoor furniture that defines the center and the purpose. Then these spots are separated and connected by graphic plants or flower beds, structural elements out of stone or wood as well as softer elements like curtains or cushions. Sometimes you use all these elements and sometimes only one or two is enough. And of course you need to calculate the course of sunlight throughout the day and create shade where you need it at certain, given times of the day. That’s the art of composing external rooms in outside areas.

We treat the outdoor rooms in their decoration pretty much like you would do with interiors, just a little different. For example, the hammock was fitted with a very handy little teak sideboard to hold snacks and drinks. Also the outside wall next to it was adorned with a photo of our favorite beach club. Small things in this example, but all of a sudden it’s not just a hammock hanging somewhere, but without over propping, it turns into a dressed spot with its own cool character.

Backyard with teak dining table and olive tree

Breaking up and structuring a large open space into different zones for different purposes and adding visual layers to separate them makes the new coastal pation design look much bigger and luxurious afterwards.

Outdoor living room on front terrace with teak furniture and ocean view and Pjoell Design cushions.


With the new coastal patio design of C27 you can experience Mediterranean lifestyle and lounge in shaded outdoor areas all around the house. You can choose from either one of two outdoor dining solutions or enjoy your food inside with the option to cook indoors or outdoors. Designer sun-loungers await you in shaded as well as sunny areas to stretch out. And why not getting away from it all and relax in a secluded hammock? Or enjoy a good book in front of our designer fireplace? You decide what you are up to.

Although the restructuring of the outdoor patio has reduced the actual usable size in terms of sqm, everything looks and feels much bigger at the same time. And every spot has its own charm and benefits.

From all areas you can enjoy magnificent and commanding views over the sea. And with the extensive use of recycled or sustainably grown teak, it almost feels like being on a very relaxing cruise ship.

The new and carefully designed arrangement of the outside areas celebrates the sensory experience of coastal lifestyleA perfect place to live in harmony with nature and rediscover fundamental values ​​such as true quality of life and authentic wellbeing.

The unique alignment provides the opportunity to experience both sunrise and sunset. The locals nicknamed the vista of C27 “Lo Spettacolo”.

Ocean view Sardinia reflected in window